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The Droid Interface Terminal, or Droid Socket, is iconic and useful unit for most of the droids found in a galaxy far far away.  We at the Smuggler Room present to you our own custom interface terminal.  We have designed this kit to fit nicely in that universe with whatever color scheme and additional attributes you would like to add.

Check out our build episode for this kit.  See what reference we used, the design process, and finally the production of the product!

Have you already purchased our droid kit?  Well first of all we want to say THANK YOU!  You are now well on your way to building a totally geeked out project!  Here you can download our Instruction Guide and if you should have any questions about your purchase, or the assembly, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!


**PLEASE NOTE: As request by several makers, we no longer include the PVC Ring seen in the video and instructions.  This pieces was often discarded or unused.

To make your kit easier to install, and improve your experience we have made changes to the previous design.  You will want to watch this short video to understand those changes and how successfully assemble your kit!


Manual PNG.png
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