Building Something out of Nothing

Creativity is a way to free the mind and help you escape.  The desire to design, create, and build drives us to construct props, replicas, and original works.   We invite you to explore our site and share in our many projects.  We hope to inspire you to look at the world the way we do, and perhaps even you will spend a little time with your imagination and potentially build something out of nothing.

What's new around here?

L3-FTY Build Update . . .

Star Wars Celebration Orlando is getting closer by the day, and L3-FTY is finally taking his first steps.  There is plenty of work to be done on this little guy before he is fully ready for the R2 Builders Club room at Celebration . . . but he's getting close!


Astromech builds

Our Astromech's are unique.  They are completely hand made from scratch, fully mobile with working electronics, and a perfect 2/3 scaled size.  Each project built has been done so out of our affection for one of Star Wars most beloved characters.

The Smugglers Room

Many people have media rooms or rec rooms.  Its a great place to entertain or watch the big game.  But how many people do you know convert there media room into a Star Wars Entertainment Room?  You'll find some unique designs and some familiar props in this space.

Star Wars Props

Props and replicas are what drove us to this hobby.  Though we focused heavily on the Astromech building, there are plenty of iconic props that are not only a desire to have, but a joy to build.  

Custom Builds

The Universes that people like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Ridley Scott to name a few, have given fans like us a vast arena to create and build our own versions.  We can pull from iconic forms and designs while coming up with a fresh new look.  The Smugglers spend a great deal of time in this arena, and these are the result of those endeavors . . . coming soon!

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