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Acrylic Square Tile Frames - 8 Pieces

Other than Greeblies, what animates the sci-fi interior walls and panels?

...illuminated tiles!


These frames combine with 1x1 square tiles to create layers to your own spaceship / sci-fi look in your home, basement, man cave, or the little corner your spouse will allow....


These matte black Acrylic square frames are: 

4x square frame - 1.5" x 5.25"

3x square frame - 1.5" x 4"

2x square frame - 1.5" x 2.75"

1x square frame - 1.5" x 1.5"


PLEASE NOTE: Our turnaround is approximately 2 weeks in addition to standard USPS shipping times. Refer to shipping notes for more detailed packaging and shipping timelines.


Acrylic Square Tile Frames - 8 Pieces

  • We are very hands-on, every product that is in our Cargo Hold is custom, hand-made product.
    Because each item in our shop is made to order, please allow ample time for us to prepare. Please plan accordingly calculating processing AND shipping time (via USPS standard shipping) to figure when you will receive your order. Once we put your order in the mail, we will send you a tracking number to see when you get your geeked out product!

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